Out to: Le Bilboquet (Atlanta, GA)


Nested in the beautifully re-designed Buckhead Village in the heart of city, stands this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  French-flared restaurant. We went in for a family day-out, and enjoyed every bit of it. We actually happened to discover it through the “Open table” app (definitely a top-rated one for me!).

Although it was a rainy summer day, we still managed to enjoy a super warm and cozy, yet  upscale dinner. The only funny thing is that we expected French servers, but our server made us the craziest confession : none of them were French (lol). Nevertheless, they managed to give us the French hospitality service wise, couple with a top-level gastronomy.


I initially went for the “Tartare de Bœuf”, which is mainly Beef Tartare  served with French Fries and Salad. Boy, oh boy! I am not a fan of raw meat, so I switched to babe’s dinner, lol! But, he apparently enjoyed this dish tho, so I guess it was just a matter of taste!


So, on to the next one: my beloved “Crabe Avocat et Salade Exotique”  (I asked for an extra French baguette and butter). Maaaaaaaan, where do I start? It was very creamy and unctuous. It had a crunchy and sweet kick to it with the mango slats! Fiesta in the mouth.

And of course, I had to have my daily dose of bubble with a house mimosa! Can never go wrong with that…NEVER :p


Overall, fantastic experience! If that didn’t make you hungry, I’m over here looking at you sideways.

Don’t forget to comment below. Share your experience if you ever went there, as in what did you like/dislike? What do you recommend? And which other restaurants near by are in your top-list?
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